Away from Desk

I leave for vacation today, so there will be a short hiatus here at Ménage à Monster while I head south to absorb as much heat as I can to fortify me through the winter and maybe take a little of the glare off my Gollum-like pallor.  The timing couldn’t be better actually – Toronto got its first dusting of snow last night.
So what’s in store when I get back?  There’s more excellent It Came from Toronto After Dark films, including Dead Sushi, American Mary, and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (to name a few of my faves).  There will be another installment of both the Shackled City conversion for Pathfinder and Classic Monsters.  Finally, I also plan to return to the long neglected Monsters of the Hyborian Age series.
So lots of stuff in the pipeline as long as nothing bad happens to me while I’m in the Bermuda Triangle… according to a quick roll on the random encounters in the dimensional triangles table of Rifts World Book Two: Atlantis, I’m going to have to deal with “Sea Monster: A Giant Octopus!!” (yes, Mr. Siembieda used two exclamation points).  So barring any tentacle nastiness, posting will resume in a fortnight.

2 Responses to Away from Desk

  1. Dilly says:

    …come back, Shane…!

    Seriously…I miss you MUCH.

    Another ingredient from my gortons recipe: onions…


  2. Neo says:

    Ditto on the request for your healthy and happy return.

    I found your Shackled City posts most helpful in my campaign.

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