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Another Visitor. Stay Awhile. Stay Forever!

December 7, 2010

Monsters are my obsession.  If I looked for one thread that tied together all of my disparate interests: comics, movies, art, writing, religion… it would be my fascination with monsters.  That’s what this blog is about, following that thread (and indulging my obsession) into the heart of monsterdom.

But my love of monsters is inexorably entangled with my love of role-playing games.  Pretending to be Gandalf or Robin Hood isn’t what first drew me to Dungeons & Dragons when I was a kid – it was seeing the hordes of slavering monsters creeping through the pages of my brother’s copy of The Keep on the Borderlands and the Monster Manual.   So I can’t help but write from the perspective of a die-hard gamer.

Welcome to Ménage à Monster.  Watch where you step.