Resume Transmission

Wow, the last month has been a bit of a roller coaster ride.  My crappy computer decided to give up the ghost (down), I spent a week cruising through the Bermuda triangle (way up – no Splugorth, but I did find a giant, Atlantean 20-sided die), and when I got home I found out the web host for this blog had gone out of business, erasing all my data in the process (way down)…  I don’t like this ride, can I get off now please?
I think things are finally sorted out and I can resume regular posting again.  I’ve got a brand spanking new computer thanks to the help of my more hardware savvy friends (it runs photoshop like a dream and more importantly, doesn’t sound like a jet engine taking off when you ask it to run anything more complicated than the calculator), I’ve got a new web host and I was able to reconstruct most of my old posts (I had to use text files, so unfortunately I’ve lost all the old comments and I couldn’t be bothered to recreate the scads of links – though I did remake the most important ones).
Anyway, what am I complaining about?  I had a great vacation eating my weight in perfectly cooked steak, my batteries are recharged and now it’s time to make some monsters.


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  1. Andrew says:

    We’ll have to work out a system to back thing up on a regular basis so this doesn’t happen again. All my stuff has been scattered like so many electrons in the solar wind..

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