Lost Mojo

I seemed to have lost a little of my mojo last week.  I’m not really sure why, but I guess if I knew then I wouldn’t have lost it would I?  Premature February blahs maybe?  If that’s the case let’s hope the groundhog has some good news.  In any event, it’s nothing that a little Chop Suey can’t cure and get me moving again.
A random thought: I wonder what kind of groundhog day type rituals would exists in a fantasy world?  It would have to be something that hibernates, since waking up early from hibernation would mean a short winter.  For some reason I keep coming up with owlbear (yeah I know they get a lot of hate but they’re still a classic monster to me).  Obviously small villages aren’t going to send someone to poke an owlbear awake just to see if it notices its shadow, but it might put a positive spin on late winter livestock attacks… if the owlbears are out early it’s a good sign for spring and an early harvest.